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PDF Accessibility: Manuals, Checklists und Sample Documents

The world of PDF accessibility is unfortunately still not that easy to grasp. At the beginning you have to understand what an accessible PDF even is and what regulatory requirements and standards exist. Then you have to decide what softwares you want to use. And after deciding for a software (or more like a package of multiple softwares) you have to keep all the different accessibility requirements in mind while creating the document.

With the posts on this website we tried to make this complex subject as simple as possible for you. And to additionally facilitate the practical implementation, we have put together a package of documents for you. These documents will help you make your work process more efficient and they will make sure that you don’t overlook any of the PDF accessibility requirements.

Checklist for the creation of accessible PDFs with Word.

Checklist: Creating an Accessible PDF with Word

Receive a complete checklist that guides you step by step through the entire creation process of an accessible PDF. The checklist includes not only the relevant steps for the Word-enviroment but also the actions that are relevant before the document creation and those that need to be performed after the PDF export. With this checklist, you ensure that you do not forget any important implementation measures, thereby avoiding the need for lengthy rework.

Manual: Setting Up the Adobe Acrobat UI for Efficient Use

Manual: Setting Up the Adobe Acrobat UI for Efficient Use

Get a quick guide for efficiently setting up the Acrobat user interface. This guide shows you which tools are relevant for post-processing PDFs (to make them accessible) and how to position these tools within easy reach. This way, you save yourself annoying detours during regular post-processing.

Sample document of a Word source document and its corresponding accessible PDF.

Sample Document:
Word & PDF

Receive a Word source document and the corresponding accessible PDF. This document contains all common elements:
Column layout, header & footer, title, headings, table of contents, texts, footnotes, links, lists, graphics, charts, tables, captions, bibliography, and mathematical expressions.

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